Yacht Delivery

yacht delivery croatia


We are a team of trained and certified skippers specializing in any vessel delivery from any port location to any other port location in the world.

We will deliver your vessel at a reasonable price in a timely, professional, and safe manner. We do offer our service not only by the sea. Whether you would like to move your vessel by land or to have it transported as cargo on another cargo boat we can help you.

We do care about your vessel as it was our and before we set out we thoroughly check all functions of the boat systems, rigging, electronics, and fittings. We will guide you through the phases of our delivery services.

It doesn’t matter if it is a sailboat, motor yacht, catamaran, or any other kind of boat that needs to be transferred we have to make sure it is ready for delivery.

There are three steps:

Inspecting the vessel systems and conditions to make sure it can reach the destination

Planing the route and transport

Reporting to the owner and getting the final confirmation to sail out.

For transfers in Croatian Adriatic Sea territorial waters, our skippers can be booked within 48 hours prior to transfer.

For international transfers, we need 7 days notice in advance to get organized.

Rest assured, our plan offers the best cost-effective way to have your vessel delivered to the destination.

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